Somber Reptile


April 06, 2001

Featured Artists

AFROSKULL - 20 April - Cajun Kitchen

It’s New Orleans funk with a New York attitude. Conjuring the slumbering ghosts of Frank Zappa, Jimi Hendrix and Charles Mingus, Afroskull explodes, as the Crescent City’s most dynamic funk monster. Afroskull sends its audiences reeling with its intricate arrangements, screaming horns, mind-bogglng polyrhythms, booty shaking funk grooves and snarling solos from every band member. Afroskull sends college hippies, faithful jazz cats and headbanging rockers alike, off packing to the trauma unit with its hardcore electric “monster” funk.

RED ELVISES - 05 April

Arriving from Siberia just moments ago, Red Elvises are taking North America by storm. Blending good old rock’n’roll with ethnic music from their homeland, these fab-four developed the ideal music for beer guzzling and dancing ’til you drop. Strong musical influences include Elvis Presley and his wife Priscilla, Chuck Berry, Spice Girls and speeches by Comrade Fidel Castro. Red Elvises currently are the hottest icons in the Siberian Region and the highest paid wedding band on the island of Sakhalin (people get married even on Mondays in order to fit into the band’s busy schedule). Their record-breaking song “Timbermill Babe” has held its position as the #1 hit for five consecutive years.